spice up your relationship

A relationship or marriage that has been on for years deserve something new to spice it up. A man needs constant loving and reassurance of how sexy,loving or even fun to be with person you are.
If you have both been busy with work and you spend the weekend together but with family. Why not bring back the memories and spend this weekend with your spouse in your former hideout or go on tour to a parks for picnic.
If you have been travelling together and having nice tour all around,why not treat yourself nice with something homely by staying home throughout the weekend,eating popcorn,watching movies and having fun all day. This is a laid back way of getting intimate.


Does love fade?

I sat down listening to her talk about her 4 year relationship at the elastic limit,i remembered how their relationship was an item. They displayed the love whenever and wherever possible,:-*they showered each other with expensive gifts,they played and went everywhere together that everyone around around them felt jealousy :-|but as she talked now,her voice was filled with so much hurt. So i concluded in my mind that love fades overtime.
She regretted dating him and vowed to never love again. Then i decided to ask her the question that kept bouncing in my mind…what is that special attribute that he has which probably made you think he is your soulmate and she said he’s the most caring person i know..oh! Where did the caring attitude disappear to? In my own perspective i think she was looking at the wrong qualities. The first and vital thing a lady should demand in a man is the God-fearing attitude. If a man can sure hold God in high esteem,he would hold her also in high regard because love is God and God is love. Other attributes count for sure and i’l be talking about them later. Ladies lets step up to the game and choose our men carefully.

flood…an enemy of the state.

It may seem as the flood of 11th july,2011 is the worst we have ever seen in lagos and we have not seen it’s last until necessary measures are put in place to curb or prevent future occurence.
Flooding is the overflow of water temporarily submerging land. In the past some people view it as deluge myth a mythical story of a great flood sent by deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution. But it has been clarified to be to caused by seasonal changes like snowmelt,global warming,precipitation and human factors.
Seasonal change: The warmer air has been known to hold more moisture but this fact becomes apparent when you see water vapour after turning off a hot shower,the warm air holding moisture comes in contact with cooler aip and turns to tiny droplets. If it gets bigger it falls as precipitation. A recent study by Dr jeff masters of weather underground affirms that it is likely that some of flooding disaster is enhanced by more water vapour in the air due to globalwarming. If the emission causing global warming is left unadressed,scientist expect the amount of rainfall during the heaviest precipitation to increase more than 40% even if the emission is curbed the rainfall will still increase just a little over 20%.
Human negligence: Our attitude towards our environment is bad and it has implications. Improper dumping of refuse in drainages or rivers create blockage in the water channels. Unauthorized sandfilling of canals also constitute to the matter. I will also point out that as water sheds are deforested and flood plains constrained,stormwater are directed through pipes and drainages and this makes flooding frequent. The most pressing solution is to include ecological infrastructure as ecosystem has amazing services it renders to the environment like water purifying,flood retaining,climate stabilization and recreational ability. Also wetlands should be restored and reactivated as they play a crucial role in retaining rainfall. Urban forest and planting should be implemented as it detoxifies and clarifies the air of carbondioxide from the emission. Bioswales which is a drainage canal that diverts runoff water from sewer to a natural area where native wetland recycle and absorb it. Authorities with control strategy should be put in place to monitor and manage the water channels and prosecute violators. The good effect of the ecological
infrastructure cannot be quantified.

cancer of the mind

cancer of the mind is the boredom that overwhelms the body system and its’ effect plays trick on the mind. It starts out by eating excessively,toying with images on the wall and looking for things not missing. The manipulative effect is the worst part,turning the mind into an encyclopedia of thoughts,which some are positive and others negative. The cancer of the mind is the result of the negative thoughts,it spreads to the body from the mind and its allies which makes the disease spread fast are the fat,fear,blame,anger,unwarranted fame e.g ladygaga and low self esteem. The positive part barely gets a chance but if it breaks lose,its makes good use of the time and the manipulative effect to create a meaningful life. Beware the cancer of the mind is dangerous and it is looking for candidate.

tourism in nigeria

Tourism in nigeria is in a rather poor state despite our cultural diversity about 120 or more tourist attractions and over 370 ethnic groups,we are still lagging behind. If we can harness our resources the right way we would improve drastically.
Privatization: Tourism development should not be left to the government alone or rather the government should invite and encourage individuals,corporate bodies and organization to participate in the development. For instance,if an organization is investing in a particular tourist attraction,their would be provision of social ammenities like good road,restaurant,hotels and so on.This can be accompanied with the Acquisition of land in or around to investors as this improves the status of the tourist attraction and the vicinity.