Does love fade?

I sat down listening to her talk about her 4 year relationship at the elastic limit,i remembered how their relationship was an item. They displayed the love whenever and wherever possible,:-*they showered each other with expensive gifts,they played and went everywhere together that everyone around around them felt jealousy :-|but as she talked now,her voice was filled with so much hurt. So i concluded in my mind that love fades overtime.
She regretted dating him and vowed to never love again. Then i decided to ask her the question that kept bouncing in my mind…what is that special attribute that he has which probably made you think he is your soulmate and she said he’s the most caring person i know..oh! Where did the caring attitude disappear to? In my own perspective i think she was looking at the wrong qualities. The first and vital thing a lady should demand in a man is the God-fearing attitude. If a man can sure hold God in high esteem,he would hold her also in high regard because love is God and God is love. Other attributes count for sure and i’l be talking about them later. Ladies lets step up to the game and choose our men carefully.


One thought on “Does love fade?

  1. you are right though, but everything is in God’s hand cus no one is perfect but we pray for a long lasting realtionship cus thats everybody’s prayer.

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