flood…an enemy of the state.

It may seem as the flood of 11th july,2011 is the worst we have ever seen in lagos and we have not seen it’s last until necessary measures are put in place to curb or prevent future occurence.
Flooding is the overflow of water temporarily submerging land. In the past some people view it as deluge myth a mythical story of a great flood sent by deities to destroy civilization as an act of divine retribution. But it has been clarified to be to caused by seasonal changes like snowmelt,global warming,precipitation and human factors.
Seasonal change: The warmer air has been known to hold more moisture but this fact becomes apparent when you see water vapour after turning off a hot shower,the warm air holding moisture comes in contact with cooler aip and turns to tiny droplets. If it gets bigger it falls as precipitation. A recent study by Dr jeff masters of weather underground affirms that it is likely that some of flooding disaster is enhanced by more water vapour in the air due to globalwarming. If the emission causing global warming is left unadressed,scientist expect the amount of rainfall during the heaviest precipitation to increase more than 40% even if the emission is curbed the rainfall will still increase just a little over 20%.
Human negligence: Our attitude towards our environment is bad and it has implications. Improper dumping of refuse in drainages or rivers create blockage in the water channels. Unauthorized sandfilling of canals also constitute to the matter. I will also point out that as water sheds are deforested and flood plains constrained,stormwater are directed through pipes and drainages and this makes flooding frequent. The most pressing solution is to include ecological infrastructure as ecosystem has amazing services it renders to the environment like water purifying,flood retaining,climate stabilization and recreational ability. Also wetlands should be restored and reactivated as they play a crucial role in retaining rainfall. Urban forest and planting should be implemented as it detoxifies and clarifies the air of carbondioxide from the emission. Bioswales which is a drainage canal that diverts runoff water from sewer to a natural area where native wetland recycle and absorb it. Authorities with control strategy should be put in place to monitor and manage the water channels and prosecute violators. The good effect of the ecological
infrastructure cannot be quantified.


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